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This document practices the ‘Terms and Conditions’ (Terms) of Auckland Tours & Travels. All accounts held with Auckland Tours & Travels, and booking confirmation are to be met by you (customer-passenger) for these Terms stated below. As such, please read these carefully.


The primary service offered by Auckland Tours & Travels are the transportation of passengers(customer) for booked (this includes booked trips or any unplanned travel as part of the booking which will be subjected to approval at all times)trips and travels, approved special request as applicable and approved luggage quantity.


While booking, we provide web services of booking, requesting quotes, cancellation etc. However, it is the liability of the (user/customer) to exercise common sense practices to ensure safety to their internet usage and adhering to the following:

a. Not opening any spam emails that might be sent from other third party websites

b. Not clicking on any ads that may show up next to our website which is not controlled by Auckland Tours & Travels

c. Making sure, Antivirus software is installed on the devices used by the (customer-user)


The (user/customer) must not practice the below steps and we the company will not be liable if you:

a. Share your (customer-passenger)  personal/booking details with third parties not intended for the trip or service.

b. If you (customer-passenger) Using our service in any unlawful manner or for any purpose other than our services stated on the website for travel and tours.

c. On a timely basis,  we may request contact details of authorised persons in an organisation through official means in order to verify your (customer-passenger) identity and authority to access your information. If such cases arise, you shall not inordinately withhold this information.


Nothing in these terms, in these terms is intended to exclude, restrict, or modify rights which you may have under any law (including New Zealand Consumer Law) which maybe not be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement (your consumer rights).

We “Auckland Tours & Travels” will not be liable for:

a. Any delays due to your connection flights, as a result of our service, it is your (customer-passenger)  responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure, and minimise your loss, which includes notifying us about any cancellations, delays, etc. and a head of time where possible.

b. For any loss due to unseen circumstances.

c. For any loss due to uncontrollable circumstances from our (Auckland Tours & Travels) end for things like traffic, accident, our team members who might fall sick or have went through an accident.

d. We are not responsible for the vehicle operator.

e. For any confirmation which are booked and later if there was no cancellation or due notice provided to us by you (customer-passenger) , there maybe charges associated with it.

f. Making sure you (customer-passenger)  are authorised to use the devices/your device and ensuring they meet the web and safety term while browsing out website.

g. We reserve the right to access, read, store, disclose any information you (customer-passenger)  provided we believe to be necessary to:

-Enforce these terms, including investigation of potential violation of these terms.

-Detection and prevention of any address, identity, security fraud.

You (customer-passenger)  acknowledge, that all electronic services are subjected to failure of operations, and breakdown access to Auckland Tours & Travels, there are numerous factors that are beyond our control which means that our services cannot exercise under all circumstances, and is subjected to changes, and you understand as a consumer that you will take the complete responsibility to minimise any loss or damage that may arise from any breakdown or failure of the service and you will not rely on only our service to ensure transportation in any emergency situations and always must practice different options.


a. You as (customer-passenger)  will not use foul language, show any abrupt behaviour, or making any fraud payment transaction. We strictly do not accept any behaviour that does not practice acceptance of equal right for everyone in regards to race, gender, colour etc. We Auckland Tours & Travels will terminate your (customer’s booking) on the violation of this term as well.

b. You (customer-passenger)  will be completely responsible for all your activities on the website.

c. By using our website of Auckland Tours & Travels, you confirm that you (customer-passenger)  are 18 years of age or older and the legal authority to enter the terms.


Official ID like passport or international driving license might be asked as applicable, and for NZ residents/Citizens, an NZTA issued ID card with their photo. The ID needs to match your (customer-passenger), this might be verified before every trip.


a. We are expecting that you (customer-passenger)  will provide us with full and correct details such as your contact information, late arrival notification is so, pick & drop off locations, any extra luggage than the allowed luggage quantity or any other large or bulky items not listed in your original booking will need to be evaluated before entering the vehicle as it may pose a hinderance to the vehicle and transportation.

b. You as the (customer-passenger)  must contact us Auckland Tours & Travels by the provided phone number which will be mentioned on your booking confirmation with us.

c. You the (customer-passenger)  needs to inform us Auckland Tours & Travels way a head before your travels which is during getting your quote, or before your final booking confirmation with us if there will be children travelling, their age/s, as appropriate child seat needs to be arranged for children below 8 years old to ensure safe travelling. Child Seats will be provided on extra charges for those trips that require these child seats.

d. All special request needs to be mentioned by you (customer-passenger)  to us Auckland Tours & Travels way a head before your travels which is during getting your quote including any disability equipments which will needs to be discussed during the quote time.

e. No animals are allowed for any trips unless they are the guide animals for the passenger and a legal document is produced (this point must adhere with one of the points enclosed below).

f. You the (customer-passenger)  will provide us Auckland Tours & Travels with enough notice for any changes to your travel plans/ trips including any changes or cancellations where you might intend not to travel, and then with enough notice a car that is not assigned originally might be dispatched in this situation.

g. You the (customer-passenger)  will be aware before you are considered a “no show”, you drive would have waited for you. You the passenger must without fail contact us Auckland Tours & Travels incase of any travel changes, for any late arrivals or if there is going to be a no travel intention.

h. You (customer-passenger)  understand that the booking confirmation between “you” the (customer-passenger)  and we “the company Auckland Tours & Travels” is excercised between you and customer service, and that booking has been assigned to a driver, and where that driver has travelled to the pick-up point and/or waiting time has occured, and then the booking turns out to be a “no-show” based on your error or lack of reasonable action, which puts an incurred costs for the driver in the form of operating expenses and related cost then the Auckland Tours & Travels  may at its discretion, charge a reasonable “no- show fee” to cover these costs incurred.

i. You (customer-passenger)  understand and will fully exercise the right in using our services for lawful intension and manner only.

j. You (customer-passenger)  understand that any actions which may arise from your end as a (customer-passenger)  has lead to the destruction of any vehicle part, you will be liable in fixing that damage at your own expense.

k. You understand that you (customer-passenger)  will have to exercise all safety and precautions, and not causing any damage to the vehicle or the driver, that results from not practising any safety management or from any repulsive behaviour.

l. You (customer-passenger)  understand that for domestic arrivals, the waiting time for our driver is maximum of 20 minutes and International arrivals are 60 minutes, your driver will wait for you at the arrivals halls with your name on a sign board. You will be marked as no- show if not pertaining to this time limit, otherwise and a fees might be charged.

Auckland Tours & Travels has the right to refuse “you” the passenger on the grounds of the follows:

a. The refusal of not showing your (customer-passenger) Covid-19 vaccination, certificate.

b. The driver observes you (customer-passenger)  to be unfit for the travels like under the influence of alcohol/ drugs.

c. You the (customer-passenger)  might be carrying any luggage that may pose threat to the safety of the service.

d. You (customer-passenger)  will be carrying way more luggages that the limit, which will cause damage to the vehicle interiors.

e. Any damage which is caused to the vehicle on intension by the (customer-passenger)

f. You the (customer-passenger)  has an animal as a guide dog or another other assistance where a legal requirement is required to transport the passenger and thus the assistance animal exsists.

g. We Auckland Tours & Travels have the right to refuse, the trips on ground of any extra passengers or information which was not provided by you (customer-passenger)  to us at the time of booking.

h. We Auckland Tours & Travels have the right to refuse your (customer-passenger)  trip/travels on ground if parties on the booking confirmation doesn’t have the required funds for the trips or is bargaining for the amount required for the planned booked trip.

i. We Auckland Tours & Travels have the right to charge extra on the basis of any detour or extra waiting services or any other travel related service which was not mentioned to us by you (customer-passenger) during the quote/official booking confirmation time.


a. When agreeing to ride with us, you (customer-passenger)  is obligated to notify us or not booking the ride if you have any symptoms of “ Covid 19” or not providing us the Covid 19 certificate/passport.

b. All the contact and identity information provided by you (customer-passenger)  is true to it’s dot, so that we Auckland Tours & Travels can provide your details for contact tracking if such a situation arises in the case of asymptomatic symptoms

C. The driver has the right to refuse the trip/travels if you(customer-passenger) will not comply with the health and safety measures as per by the New Zealand Government or Auckland Tours & Travels.


The cancellation window is 24 hours before any booked/confirmed/scheduled trips. Cancellations must be in written to us  by you (customer-passenger) via Email to 


a. Any tolls, taxes, and other fees associated with the trip may not appear in the expected total cost and you (customer-passenger) may be responsible to pay these additional charges.

b. Any Extra stops added to the trip which was not part of the final cost or the intended travels will incur additional payment and (customer-passenger)  will have to pay for it.

c. Any applicable discounts as provided on our website or on your (customer-passenger)  booking will only be applicable for the set period (date, day ,year) and cannot be transferrable, cannot be combined with any other discount and cannot be set forward for any other dates other than the provided conditions of the discount.

d. Auckland Tours & Travels reserve the right to ask for payment to you (customer-passenger)  before the completion of the trip.

e. Payment methods are PayPal, and Visa.

f. All Credit Visa card payments will be charged a 3% fees to cover Eftpos terminal fees and transaction fees.

g. All unpaid paid trips when the payment is not paid when required will lead to late payment fees which will apply every 24 hours by you (customer-passenger).

h. All defaulting accounts will be forwarded to third-party debt collectors at the default parties (customer-passenger) expense.